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Founded in 1969, ESTEIO - ENGENHARIA E AEROLEVANTAMENTOS S.A. is a closed-capital Brazilian company. Acting as a consulting company, ESTEIO had its activities mainly concentrated on the development of projects and surveys of civil engineering area, mainly roads, railways, airports, sanitation, pipelines, power lines, LiDAR and digital mapping.
In 1995, ESTEIO acquired its first digital orthophoto and image processing system and now it has more than 20 digital workstations. Flying with three own airplanes, ESTEIO acquired a ZEISS RMK-TOP aerial camera in 1997 and in 2001, ESTEIO acquired an OPTECH's ALTM 2025 and start a new era using LIDAR systems. Since then, ESTEIO acquired two Leica's ALS50-II MPiA LiDAR systems and an ADS40/52 digital sensor and more recentely, a RCD30 medium format digital camera.
ESTEIO has been working with Pipeline projects using new technologies like PCM (Pipeline Current Mapper), GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), SBP (Sub Bottom Profilers), DCVG (Direct Current Voltage Gradient) to locate and investigate buried and underwater structures.
Our company has a engineering division in charge of development of infrastructure & construction linear projects including roads, railways, airports and pipelines. It is also responsible by construction site inspection as a supervision representative.
ESTEIO is associated to companies of Europe as Vectra-France and Indra-Spain in highways management & maintenance technology in roads and urban enviroments including developing, instalation and management of highways radar systems, special vehicles with on-board sensors to evaluate and measure road geometry and integrity, traffic analisys software, automated traffic lights control and automated road panels.



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