Pernambuco Three Dimensional

The governor of the State of Pernambuco, Mr. Eduardo Campos, made the official launch of the “State Mapping of Pernambuco” Project on March, 31-2014 at the Campo das Pincesas Palace in Recife.

The mapping project will be carried out by the “Águas de Pernambuco” consortium formed by ESTEIO (42%), Engefoto (33%), AeroImagem (25%) and the subcontractors Fiducial and LACTEC.

The state will be fully mapped with orthophotos and LiDAR at scale 1:5,000. Seventeen of the state cities will also be mapped to scale 1:1,000.

The contract was signed between “Águas de Pernambuco” consortium and Infrastructure State Department and is part of the Water Sustainability Project of Pernambuco – PSHPE.

The authorities present to the signature of the contract were the governor Eduardo Campos, the deputy governor João Lyra Neto, the infrastructure secretary João Bosco de Almeida and the representative of “Águas de Pernambuco” consortium, the cartographic engineer Valther Xavier Aguiar, technical director of ESTEIO.

Valther emphasized the pioneering nature of this service, since Pernambuco will be the first Brazilian state fully mapped with Airborne LASER technology. The five contracted companies are all from Paraná and the value of the contract is 19 (nineteen) million reais. The period of execution of the services is fifteen months.