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Large-Format Digital Aerial Cameras

Zoom and part of the Pixel Carpet from ESTEIO’s ADS100 sensor – GSD 5cm – 20.000 x 186.648 pixels · 3.778 Mpix – Curitiba One of these days, I was …

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ESTEIO Engenharia e Aerolevantamentos S.A. is a Brazilian company which has been working in many engineering areas since 1969 and having as main activities the following: Highway, Railway and Airport Projects, Management and Supervision of Projects; Cartography; Photogrammetry; Topography; Digital Images; LiDAR; Urban & Rural Cadaster; Remote Sensing and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Since its beginning, ESTEIO has also been dedicating to consultancy in the area of ​​transportation, where it has been running thousands of kilometers of projects, as well as monitoring, supervision of road works, including earthworks, paving, drainage, stabilization of slopes, containment works, bridges and viaducts, geotechnics, hydrology, geology, functional plan, traffic study, pavement restoration and duplication project, technical feasibility study and RIMA for highways and railways.

Always concerned on offering the best products to its customers and accompanying the technological development of these areas, ESTEIO counts with the best resources for execution of these services working with a highly qualified team and up to date equipment.

Besides the services itself, ESTEIO is capable to develop solutions for the most several problems related to its areas of performance. Its enterprising spirit is responsible for the introduction of many technologies in Brazil and South America, such as: GPS surveys; Orthophoto Mapping; Topographical surveys using total stations and data collectors; Aerial surveys with GPS (Airborne GPS); Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS); Geophysical surveys using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar).

In the field of road engineering, ESTEIO S.A. participates in a joint venture with the French company Vectra, forming VER-Vectra-ESTEIO Rodovias S.A.

The equipment and technologies used by VER S.A. were developed by the French company VECTRA in conjunction with the French laboratory LCPC and were designed to perform accurate and high-performance surveys, which allow the complete knowledge of technical characteristics of the highway in a short time a little influence in the running traffic.

The Company

ESTEIO Engenharia e Aerolevantamentos S.A. is committed to fully meet the requirements of quality, safety, environment and health of its customers, continually seeking to improve its processes and its professionals for excellence in supply of services.

The experience and technical knowledge of our employees enables the company to carry out the services contracted always according to the customer’s goals.

This is a company that has and maintains the most advanced technology for the execution of the contracted services. From high reliability equipment and resources to continuous quality control programs, the company provides its customers with superior quality products with fair price.

Add to all this, the financial integrity of the company and you will see that contractors after contractors always return to ESTEIO when their needs are cartography or highway projects.