At last, the resolution #419 of May,2-2017 of ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) – General Requirements for Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) for Civil Usage – RBAC E 94 – was approved regulating the use of drones !

Since 2012, ESTEIO is able to use RPA on aerial survey but the company is waiting for the regulations of the Defense Ministry (MD) to finnaly incorporate the use of this platform.

It is also necessary to know how will be the supervision of CREA/CONFEA Brazilian system, because RPA surveys come to engineering activities of surveying and cartography.

As well as the manned aerial platforms (aircraft), spatial (satellites), terrestrial (vehicles), RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) will also be part of the equipment in our offer of specialized services, being commercially and legally exploited by ESTEIO very soon.

Throughout this period of regulatory discussion, ESTEIO closely followed all developments in legislation, platforms or sensors. We understand that the RPA should occupy a prominent place within the diverse alternatives of mapping, more precisely between the current areas of Topography and Aerial surveying.

ESTEIO, as a service provider in the different platforms, can propose to customers and interested parties the best technical solution, adequate, safe and with the great cost-benefit ratio that has always guided their work.

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ESTEIO e os Drones