Quality Policy

ESTEIO S.A. is committed to fully meet the requirements of quality, safety, environment and health of its customers, continually seeking to improve its processes and its professionals for excellence in supply of services.

Carlos Valerio A. Da Rocha



Search continuously greater competitiveness and prominence in the market, combining knowledge and cutting-edge technology to offer quality services meeting the expectations of customers, directors, employees and the community.

The name

The denomination “ESTEIO” is an acronym corresponding to the initials of the following words:

Engenharia e Serviços cnicos para Indústrias e Obras (translated as Engineering and Technical Services for Industries and Works)

Another definition for the name of ESTEIO comes from the very essence or definition of the Portuguese word:

es.tei.o – a substantive meaning an oblong piece of wood or metal (longer than wide) which it supports or sustains something like a major structure.

We can make an analogy with the constant support that ESTEIO always gives to its customers.

Finally, the company ESTEIO has no relation with the homonymous city named ESTEIO in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The company

Thank you for the opportunity to present us and show to you who we are and what we do.

The experience and technical knowledge of our employees enables the company to carry out the services contracted always according to the customer’s goals.

This is a company that has and maintains the most advanced technology for the execution of the contracted services. From high reliability equipment and resources to continuous quality control programs, the company provides its customers with superior quality products with fair price.

Add to all this, the financial integrity of the company and you will see that contractors after contractors always return to ESTEIO when their needs are cartography or highway projects.

For further information

In HISTORY, a summary of significant events can be found with an evolution of procedures and employment of advanced technology that confirm ESTEIOS’s decision to invest always in the best to serve its customers.

Our partners have at their side a highly specialized company, able to give them a full advantage of their products, ensuring the success of services and customer satisfaction. Look who works with us in PARTNERSHIPS.

Associations of Entities and Representatives are the structure of joined companies and institutions with the same purposes in business and commercial relations and in all situations involving the relationship with social and political environment where they are inserted. Click on ASSOCIATIONS AND MEMBERSHIPS and know the affiliations of ESTEIO.

ESTEIO is always present at the main national and international CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS of its areas of expertise. These participations contribute to the dissemination of new technologies through the presentation of their recent work and research.